Thursday, 10 March 2011

My love,why I love you so much!!!

I am loving you sweetheart caz I can be myself when I am with you.I am happy if I'm with you,else I feel, me in darkness.I can't stop myself from loving you,my heart always need your love,your innocence,childishness & care.I love the way you get angry whenever I'm late,yet wait for me as long as it takes.When you hold ma hands,I feel I'm safe and your love is the key that opens ma heart with happiness. love, I know ,you are truly loving me.I'm incomplete without you,dear.I love you are the one who makes happiness happen.You have given meaning to ma life.I love you caz you are the only one who can make me smile even in ma deepest sorrows.You can read my eyes & heart even in ma silence too.

You walked into ma life unexpectedly...You warm ma heart with all that you do & all that you say...
I'll tell you this...from the bottom of ma mean everything to are everything to are the light of ma life..I'll forever keep loving you..

You are in ma are in ma dreams...Feel ma love always beside you...Every moment of our togetherness is a memory forever..

You are my love & my life..nothing in the universe could replace our love...I thank you for the love we've..never forget me as I'll never forget you,my love...

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