Friday, 29 April 2011

The most haunted & mysterious places in London

Britain is the most haunted nation in the world.Whenever you guys travel to Britain,you can be sure you are never far from the place of ancient myth or the home of a disconsolate ghost....

                                        Stonehenge - Circle of life & death

1.Bank of England :-It's nick name is ''The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street''.Sarah Whitehead's brother Philip,a disgruntled former employee of the bank,was found guilty on forgery and executed.Poor Sarah was unhinged by the shock and everyday for the next 25 years she appeared at the BANK,asking for her brother Philip.When she died she was buried in the old churchyard that later became part of the Bank's gardens.Her ghost has been reported in the area many times.

             Shape-Changing Trees that mingle with ghosts - Kingley valeyews

2.Cornhill :-In St' Michael's church,a team of bellringers were horrified to see an ugly shapen sight come in at one window and flat over to another.They all fell unconscious and later discovered deep scars in the stonework.The scars became known as the ''Devil's clawmarks'',and for years the church had a sinister reputation.

3.Garlick Hill :-Several visitors to St'James Garlickythe have reported seeing a shrouded ghost standing on the tower steps and in various other parts of the building.

4.Red Lion Square :- Three figures have occasionally been reported in the square.These figures are reported as the ghost of Oliver Cromwell,John Bradshaw & Henry Ireton.

A medieval tale of a lady,a lake,a broken promise a supernatural prophesy with lasting consequences-Liyny fan fach

5.Tower Of London :- The ghost of Thomas Becket was seen in the tower at early stages,later two princes,the 12-year old King Edward V of England & his 10-year old brother Richard who haunt the bloody tower till this day.

6.Westminister Abbey :- The abbey has several hosts.A murdered monk who occasionally chats to the visitors.John Bradshaw ,who appeared in the Red Lion Square from time to time,haunts this place also.

7.Kensington Palace :- The ghost of George II has often been reported gazing anxiously out of window of Kensington Palace towards the weather- vane.

                              Highgate Cemetery : Outer London

8.Victoria & Albert Museum :- The Great Bed of ware,which is kept in the museum,is said to be haunted by its maker,Johas Fosbrooke,a carpenter from Ware in Hertfordshire.he made mammoth bed in 1463 for Edward IV.It measured approximately 3.4m long 3.3m wide.When the king's 13 year old son and heir disappeared in 1483,probably murdered,the bed was sold and eventually came into the ownership of a succession of ware innkeepers,who used it during local festivals when the town was crowded.Once,in the 17th century,12 married couples are alleged to have slept in it together.From beyond the grave,Jonas Fosbrooke was not at all happy about his great bed's fall in status,and his ghost was reputed to pinch and scratch anyone who slept in it,because his gift was not being used by royalty.

9.Haymarket :- Former actor manager J.B.Buckstone occasionally appears at the Harymarket Theatre,and his ghost is welcome because it is said to bring good luck.

10.University College :- The fully clothed,straw-upholstered skeleton of Jeremy Bentham,the law reformer who died in 1832,sits in a glass case in the cloister of University college,where his ghost has aooarently been seen and heard.Bentham's preserved head,originally placed between his feet,was removed and stored separately when it became rank,and was stolen many times.Once it was found in a left-luggage locker in Aberdeen.Today it rests in a refrigerator in the college vaults but,despite the odd attack by beetles,his wax headed body continues to live an active life.In 2002 it was taken to Essen's Ruhrlandmuseum.

                                          Ghostly Vicar's Pennance

Kings,Queens,aristocratic ladies and theatrical gentlemen haunt the city's drawing rooms,stairwells and streets,destined to remain Londoners for all eternity..If you are posing for photos in London,the ghosts,spirits will be there behind you....:)

Friday, 22 April 2011

My Klicks

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                                       Richmond Park,London

                                 Lee Valley Riding Centre,London

                             Richmond Park,London

                              Garden in Richmond

                             Lee Valley Riding Centre,Leyton

                          Garden in Richmond,London

                       Richmond Park

                      Donno the ID of the flower......

                                 Cycle Path in Richmond Park

                         Richmond Park,London 

Monday, 18 April 2011

Live-in relationship and our society???

Hi Friends,
Its our right to say our views/opinion about anything in this world.Can call it as personal opinion.I would like to say my opinion about live-in relation.Live-in relationship is a mutual understanding between two person of different sex or same sex to live together.They can share household luxurious & even indulge in sex with each others consent.And there is no concept of husband & wife at the same time both of them have equal rights.I can say a man will no authority over his female partner and vice versa.

If I say live-in relation is good and we can try it in life,then a huge number of people will come against it and will say about Indian culture,our tradition,our family relationships,family bonds,Our relationship values,moral side and of course the society will not agree with it.I'm sure,I'll be the odd one out.But I haven't seen these kind of opposition to the family who is asking dowry for marriage.I am from Kerala,So I know what is happening in the marriage market in Kerala.Without dowry the guy will not go for marriage,now you will say this may happen only in arranged marriage,God sake trust me,I can give one of my personnel experience,I have a friend,he is from a middle class family,after his Btech,he got a very good job with a good remuneration,he fell in love with a girl,she is Mtech from IIT,both from same religion & caste because of that both families also interested.The girl's family & the boy's family met each other.The interesting part is after the meeting,the boy's father had reached the girl through phone and informed they want 15L INR as dowry for the marriage.Later my friend is called informed the same to the girl,not to the girl's family.The intention was they need girl's support for the dowry.And the funny thing is boys' parents marriage was also love marriage.And my friend is pointing that his dad got a good amount as well as properties as dowry,so he is also expecting the same,and saying I will get min.30L INR & more beautiful girl than her.Unfortunately that time I was here in UK,otherwise I would have slapped him.He is the one who followed her for more than 1 year and requested for her love by saying sweet n sugaring words like ''without you,I cannot live''.Her family was not able to give the required amount as dowry,so my friend haven't married that girl,now she got marry with another guy and settled abroad.I really cant understand was his love towards that poor girl or towards the dowry??Why these guys can think about a dowry free marriage??

In some families,giving and getting dowry is their prestigious issue.Our society is against live-in relationship,but why the same society is not against to this bloody dowry system.Dowry is not applicable in live-in relationship,is that is the reason why society is against live-in relationships?Live-in relationship will affect the tradition & culture of our country.A lady's life is not important in our country,or its not relevant in our culture/tradition??

In live-in relationship,partners will get an opportunity to understand each other,whether the two are compatible or not.In this way we can reduce the number of divorce.We all will say the purity of 'Mangalsuthra'.But I believe a girl's life is more important than 'Mangalsuthra'.In live-in relationship,there is no mangalsuthra,or any religious formalities.Society is highlighting these points against live-in relationship.But my question is 'before creating an issue related to dowry,why the boy/his family/society giving value to the same 'Mangalsuthra'?.'Mangalsuthra don't have any value at that time,Is it conditional one??

After getting divorce from her husband,the girl will keep the same magalsuthra?why the society not insisting to keep the same one?In our country,people are adopting western culture and society gave a label that live-in relationship is western culture.I would like to ask one question 'God Krishna & Radha never married and they lived together,so that is also live-in relation,then how come it will be a western culture???And people who all are saying opposing Westernism,please mind they don't have dowry system and no girl is dying because of dowry issues.So that's the positive part of Westernism.
We can see lots of couples,they are adjusting each other,why?The reason is they got married,even if they are frustrated with each other then also just pulling their life for the society/family.Majority of them keeping parallel relation even after marriage?Is that's our culture/tradition?This will build a healthy society?

Selecting live-in relation/marriage is depends on person's interest and their privacy.Please give freedom to select their own way.If its live-in relation/marriage please commit into the relation and understand each other,avoid of cheating our own life.

Youngsters,if you are following western culture please mind EU's may drink,go for dating etc,but they don't have dowry system and they will not kill their wife for money/dowry..

If you guys have any opinion,you can share it here....all are welcome.........

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Cherished Memory

I joined one of the famous college in Alappuzha for ma graduation.College was far from ma house,more than one hour from ma house.None of ma friends were joined in that college.So I was almost alone in the college for first few days.One week later only I understood one of ma plus two mate also joined in the same college.I met her in the college bus and she was coming from near to ma native place.In that way I got a friend in the college...within days we became very close friends.

No one can see me without Susan & vice-versa.First year gone very happily and we all entered into second year of our graduation.In the second year,ma friend Susan joined in a tuition centre and her classes was scheduled morning 7 am.So I missed her in the college bus.

One day afternoon ,Susan came and asked 'Darling,Could you come with me for browsing?'.I haven't understand what she had meant by the word browsing even then also I said 'Yes Babs,I Can'.So we escaped from the boring language class(hindi) and reached the internet cafe.Susan created an email id in 'YAHOO'.I was watching all magic in the first time in life.I could see small square boxes in the computer screen,because of ma curiosity,I asked about the small square boxes.She replied 'Dear,those are chat windows,not boxes'.

She gave a detailed description about yahoo chatting & chat rooms on the way back to home.Next time she created a yahoo id for me and I learned chatting techniques from Sus but I didn't try for a chat at that time.
Again I gone with her for browsing,that day I also started using Yahoo Messanger and entered into yahoo chat room.Within seconds,someone pinged me,as usual in chat rooms that person asked asl,but how poor I was,couldn't understand the abbreviation of 'asl'.Luckily Sus helped me and she had answered for all his queries.

The very next day also I had a chat with the same person.His name was Vishal.He revealed everything about him...his family,friends,academics,hobbies...Within short span,we both became friends.I said thanks to Susan for her help for getting a nice friend like him.I never asked his contact number and he never asked mine also. Chatting with him was became one of ma hobby later on.he was very talkative and not an introvert at all.As friends we did everything,like teasing,pulling legs of each other & after all we both shared all our sorrows & joys which friends normally do.

There were lots of common stuff to hold our friendship strong,like dance,violin,music etc etc.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\The friendship successfully completed first anniversary without any harm.

One day I got an offline message.It made me sad & depressed.Vishal got his visa for higher studies(normally it was a good news)but I was upset.So I haven't replied to his offline message and tried to concentrate more into ma studies & reading. Something was pulled me back from checking ma mail box.After a week,I opened ma mailbox,I could see around 54 messages from vishal.Read all of them and I had got his mobile number from one of his mail.I completely understood his intention was to get a phone call from ma end.

Finally I tried to reach him,The call got connected and the very first time I spoke with him.I was bit nervous for a few minutes.But he was a chatter box.From his talks I realized he wasn't the same mood like me.He was happy for his travel to the new country.So I controlled and hide ma bloody missing feelings from him.He planned to leave the country the very next week.But he never forget to talk to me till he leave the country.He asked for a gift from me caz of that I gifted one of ma drawing and he too gifted his writings to me.I was really happy.It wasn't love,but true friendship.On the way to his journey,he reached me on phone and said he will miss me and he was worried about me.I was sad even though I made him convinced that our friendship will never end.He reached the new country safely and started his new life there.

I haven't received a single message or phone call from him later.But I was expecting his calls everyday.Days....weeks....months....years....I have heard anything about him.Meanwhile I had successfully completed ma graduation and gone for higher studies.New friends,new incidents came into ma life.Even then also his memories were there in ma heart.

After seven years,I got a mail from him,but I haven't replied to his mail.After few days,he had tried to reach me on ma landlines.We both haven't felt any gap in our relation after years & years.He clearly said it to me.Our friendship became the same as before but I do have something beyond a friendship with him,never ever let him to know the same.Because he do have lots & lots of gf who all were very beautiful,elegant,smart compared to me.So I never expressed my feelings to him.

Years day he said casually he was keeping a true love for me for last 10 years,but he knew I was considering him as a good friend & was not keeping any feelings more than a friend to him.Even then also he wanted to say it,so he expressed it.I couldn't say anything,so I tried to escape from the topic without asking anything about his love.But he was saying the same,I really wanna say 'Yes vishal I do have the same' but I didn't,and I will not...So I had handled the topic nicely asking like how many times you will lie in a day,he didn't answer for ma question....and hanged up the call....he never callled me again..

Still keeping his memories in ma heart,and loving him....but don't know where he is.......

                                   ' HE WILL BE MA FRIEND FOREVER'
 If you have the same kind of experience...share it...and share your views about friendship between a girl & boy,whether it related to their age group?Don't hesitate to post your valuable comments...