Friday, 29 April 2011

The most haunted & mysterious places in London

Britain is the most haunted nation in the world.Whenever you guys travel to Britain,you can be sure you are never far from the place of ancient myth or the home of a disconsolate ghost....

                                        Stonehenge - Circle of life & death

1.Bank of England :-It's nick name is ''The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street''.Sarah Whitehead's brother Philip,a disgruntled former employee of the bank,was found guilty on forgery and executed.Poor Sarah was unhinged by the shock and everyday for the next 25 years she appeared at the BANK,asking for her brother Philip.When she died she was buried in the old churchyard that later became part of the Bank's gardens.Her ghost has been reported in the area many times.

             Shape-Changing Trees that mingle with ghosts - Kingley valeyews

2.Cornhill :-In St' Michael's church,a team of bellringers were horrified to see an ugly shapen sight come in at one window and flat over to another.They all fell unconscious and later discovered deep scars in the stonework.The scars became known as the ''Devil's clawmarks'',and for years the church had a sinister reputation.

3.Garlick Hill :-Several visitors to St'James Garlickythe have reported seeing a shrouded ghost standing on the tower steps and in various other parts of the building.

4.Red Lion Square :- Three figures have occasionally been reported in the square.These figures are reported as the ghost of Oliver Cromwell,John Bradshaw & Henry Ireton.

A medieval tale of a lady,a lake,a broken promise a supernatural prophesy with lasting consequences-Liyny fan fach

5.Tower Of London :- The ghost of Thomas Becket was seen in the tower at early stages,later two princes,the 12-year old King Edward V of England & his 10-year old brother Richard who haunt the bloody tower till this day.

6.Westminister Abbey :- The abbey has several hosts.A murdered monk who occasionally chats to the visitors.John Bradshaw ,who appeared in the Red Lion Square from time to time,haunts this place also.

7.Kensington Palace :- The ghost of George II has often been reported gazing anxiously out of window of Kensington Palace towards the weather- vane.

                              Highgate Cemetery : Outer London

8.Victoria & Albert Museum :- The Great Bed of ware,which is kept in the museum,is said to be haunted by its maker,Johas Fosbrooke,a carpenter from Ware in Hertfordshire.he made mammoth bed in 1463 for Edward IV.It measured approximately 3.4m long 3.3m wide.When the king's 13 year old son and heir disappeared in 1483,probably murdered,the bed was sold and eventually came into the ownership of a succession of ware innkeepers,who used it during local festivals when the town was crowded.Once,in the 17th century,12 married couples are alleged to have slept in it together.From beyond the grave,Jonas Fosbrooke was not at all happy about his great bed's fall in status,and his ghost was reputed to pinch and scratch anyone who slept in it,because his gift was not being used by royalty.

9.Haymarket :- Former actor manager J.B.Buckstone occasionally appears at the Harymarket Theatre,and his ghost is welcome because it is said to bring good luck.

10.University College :- The fully clothed,straw-upholstered skeleton of Jeremy Bentham,the law reformer who died in 1832,sits in a glass case in the cloister of University college,where his ghost has aooarently been seen and heard.Bentham's preserved head,originally placed between his feet,was removed and stored separately when it became rank,and was stolen many times.Once it was found in a left-luggage locker in Aberdeen.Today it rests in a refrigerator in the college vaults but,despite the odd attack by beetles,his wax headed body continues to live an active life.In 2002 it was taken to Essen's Ruhrlandmuseum.

                                          Ghostly Vicar's Pennance

Kings,Queens,aristocratic ladies and theatrical gentlemen haunt the city's drawing rooms,stairwells and streets,destined to remain Londoners for all eternity..If you are posing for photos in London,the ghosts,spirits will be there behind you....:)