Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A letter to myself

Hi Vinni,

You are the one who know about yourself more than anyone in this world.People will say about you as per their perception.No need to worry, because of their perceptions.Their interpretation about you may or may not be correct.If someone(relative/friends/husband/wife/sister/brother) say something(which you cannot tolerate) about you,forgive them.Understand,Forgiveness is the best way when it comes to a relationship.Why you wanna fight with a person?why you wanna waste your energy & time for convincing a person, who doesn't deserve it.Let them say what all they want,if they will get happy & satisfaction,why you wanna stop them.No one is perfect in this world,keep this in your mind.Don't get depressed by anything in this world.You know what all are your skills,believe in them,avoid immature or demotivating words.Stay away from people who always blame you,because that will destroy your confidence.

Once you understand one of  your friend playing with your feelings or trying to hurt you,keep them away from your life,that's the best way rather than fighting with them or taking revenge on them.Include them in your prayers,SAY (twice/thrice in day) the same what JESUS said '' FATHER,FORGIVE THEM, FOR THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING'',''GOD'' would pardon them and give them better minds''.This will help you to calm down,and continuing this will make you to control your anger,will make your life more beautiful.

Understand,life is a mixture of happiness & sadness.GOD will not allow you to weep always!!HE will make you happy too.Realise the fact and act accordingly.Our life is a gift of GOD,please don't spoil it.Only GOD and you have the right in your life.Don't leave your gifted life for anything or anyone in this world.It's you,only YOU understand your feelings,sharing your feeling only with the right person will make you comfortable,if it's with wrong one will make you depressed.
A story for you which tells how to escape insulting(abusing persons) from others....:)
Bhuddha explained how to handle insult & maintain compassion:
One day Bhuddha was walking through a village.A very angry and rude young man came up and began insulting him."You have no right teaching others," he shouted."You are stupid as everyone else.You are nothing but a fake & lier".Buddha was not upset by these insults.Instead he asked the young man "Tell me,if you buy a gift for someone,and that person does not take it,to whom does the gift belong?"
That man was surprised to be asked such strange question and answered,"It would belong to me,because I bought the gift."
The Buddha smiled and said,"That is correct.And it is exactly the same with your anger.If you become angry with me and I do not get insulted,then the anger falls back on you.You are the only one who becomes unhappy,not me.All you have done hurt yourself."
"If you want to stop hurting yourself,you must get rid of your anger and become loving instead.When you hate others/shame on others,you yourself become unhappy.But when you love others,everyone is happy."

Be optimistic in your life,help people those who really need your help,be systematic in your life,work hard for achieving dreams,be sincere to your life,count the number of shoes you have before entering into the show room,keep that money for the one who really deserve it,find 30 min for prayer.people may have your bread n butter,once they get angry they will say blah blah...avoid them from your life completely.Let them say/do what they want.

                                         "On this path effort never
                                           goes to waste,and there is 
                                           no failure,Even a little effort 
                                           toward spiritual awareness
                                           will protect you  from the
                                           greatest fear " - Srimad Bhagavad Gita

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