Sunday, 27 March 2011

One night in ladies hostel

One Friday evening,after reaching hostel room,me and my roomate Pooja gone to mess hall for taking our tea and snacks.We met some of our seniors there in the mess hall.They were talking in very low voice like whispering something...we both were eagerly looking at them for getting the news.Pooja said 'C'mon dear,will ask '.There was no other option for me.We asked about the matter,they gave detailed description about a board called 'OJHO Board' and saying,they spoke to good spirits with the help of OJHO board..I was shocked and excited also.

When we reached our room,we discussed the same with other hostel mates.All were excited to try it.But majority haven't the courage or boldness to try 'Ojho board'.At last me,sinitha and priya decided to do it.We found an empty room in the hostel and cleaned it and started calling good spirits with full of concentration.Pin drop silence....1,2,3,....nothing happened.It was around 12.30 at night.we tried calling spirits four - five times.But no results found.

We were disappointed and thought of going back to our own room.Suddenly Priya said: 'Hey I am sorry dear I forgot to remove my holy ring,that might be the reason'.I got angry on her,then also told her to keep the ring in her room.Within seconds,Priya kept it in her room and returned to the room, we started calling the good was like....'GOOD SPIRITS PLEASE COME,Good Spirits Please Come,good spirits please come'.'Good spirits is there?'.We couldn't imagine the glass was moving towards the alphabet 'Yes'.We all were shocked thought of stopping that experiment,but when we thought about our seniors words,we decided to ask questions to the good spirits.

Priya : 'Good spirit,can we know your name?',the glass moved towards 'S','U','R','E','S' & 'H'.We got the name was 'suresh'.

Me  : 'How come you die?' It gave an answer 'suicide'.Again I asked 'Are you nuts,why did you go for suicide?'His answer: 'Financial problems'.Sinitha was eagerly waiting for asking questions to the spirit.She asked: 'Can you tell me about our MBA final sem. results and some of our college mates had written their arrears,so how about their results would be?'It said all of us will pass for final sem but It clearly said Pooja will not pass her QT1 paper.We all were sad listening that news.Later me and Sini asked 2-3 questions,but it didn't reply.When priya asked the good spirits gave answers.In way we felt that the spirit and priya were lovers.Our question stock was over and we were scared to ask more questions also.

Sini's opinion was to send the spirits back.Me & Priya agreed and requested the spirit to go back.After sometime  priya asked ' spirit you gone '.No answer from good spirit, after only we got peace of mind.before also we had heard about some stories related the afftereffects if the spirits haven't gone back.So we three were worried about thinking the same.Fortunately everything went well.

We gone to our own room and tried to sleep but didn't get sleep & the memories haunted us like anything for some months.

Still now I really don't know whether it was fact or not....Till confused about the same...not even me my friend sini also...But donno know about priya....
Friends,you may have similar experiences.....share it.....

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The actress & danseuse Sobhana

Sobhana Chandrakumar was born to Anandam & Chandrakumar on 21st March 1966, 
at Trivandrum,Kerala,India.Sobhana has won the National Film Award for best actress.She won her first national award for her brilliant performance in Fazil's 'Manichithrathazhu'.She received her second national award for the movie 'Mitr',directed by Revathi.Sobhana has mainly acted in Malayalam,Tamil,Hindi,Telugu & Kannada films.

Govt.Of India honoured Sobhana with the 'Padma Shri' award for her contributions to Bharatanatyem & Cinema.She entered into malayalam film industry through the movie 'April 18' directed by Balachandra Menon.

She had done her dance training at Chidambaram Academy,Chennai.The legendary bharatanatyem dancer Chithra Viswesaran is the guru of Sobhana.Sobhana's skilled execution of dance movements and her extraordinary beauty had led many people to consider her as the most beautiful South Indian actress from 1980's through 1990's.

Sobhana successfully presented the entire RAMAYANA called 'Maya Ravan'.Sobhana is an extraordinarily talented bharatanatyem dancer & choreographer.She is known for her fine dedication of the classical art form,Bharatanatyem.She is ambitious & career oriented woman from South India.

Sobhana founded Kalarpana with the intention of committing herself  to the propagation of the classical arts.
She has performed in Kualampur before the King & the Queen of Malaysia.She had done dance tours in USA,Europe,Australia & South-east Asia.

We can see many of our old actress( those who all were acting as Heroine )later acted as Mom,grand mother.We all can accept those characters,but in her 50s also her audience never wanna see her being as a mom or grandmother in the movie.Audience still accepting her as a heroine.

From this video(from manichithrathazhu malayalam movie),we can understand her brilliant performance as a dancer & her talent as an actress..

Sobhana is unmarried and she recently adopted six months old baby girl named 'Anantha narayani'.

We can expect more talented & creative dance performances from Sobhana.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Is she really mischerious?

One fine morning,dad said,'daughter,I have done all the procedures for your MBA admission with one of the B-school and your class will start within three weeks'.I was surprised & confused.I really wanna ask,'Why MBA dad,can I try for MCA'?But when I thought about the consequences of ma question,I hold ma tongue and controlled ma mind.I wish to do MCA with ma friend who already joined in a college in baglr.My ultimate aim is not successfully completing ma PG,it's blasting & enjoying with ma friend that too in City Of Garden.Dad read ma mind and arranged ma admission with different university for MBA.I haven't said anything to ma dad and prepared maself for fulfilling his wish rather than mine.Felt ma dad don't wanna see me sitting in front of the small box,which is not a tiffin box,and suffering to count the keys, whole day n getting bugs while counting,n using some uncommon language(can't use for communicating,then also it's called language)for testing the accuracy of the count.He wants to see me standing in front of a group of executives,wearing branded suits,n trying to say as many lies as possible/shouting at the sub ordinates for achieving targets...

Three weeks had gone very quickly.Finally my joining date came,gone to college with ma dad and they already arranged ma accommodation,but I have to wait till 2 pm in the college for attending ma GD.So dad said 'daughter,can we go and have a coffee'.He clearly knows ma answer will be 'YES' as always.Unfortunately,college canteen was closed,so we walked towards another restaurant near by college.We gave order for two coffee and snacks n waiting for the same,inbetween a guy entered into that small restaurant and he started casual talks with the restaurant owner.We understood he is doing his MBA in the same college,without asking anything to me ma dad started talking with that guy.Within few minutes,dad introduced me to him,the guy was not too handsome but his talks was very impressive.He talked very nicely and asked'neways she has GD @ 2pm,why you wanna sit here till that time,you can come with me and watch Telly in the comment 'ohh,thats nice'.Without any hesitation I also gone with them like going to see the television in the first time in ma life.

He switched on the telly n vanished suddenly,we started watching one of the musical programme,within seconds another guy came into the lounge and started talking with dad,later to me also.The number of person increased within seconds,I smelled something fishy.So I somehow said ;Dad,can we move to college?'Fortunately,Dad too has the same opinion.Somehow I escaped from there and reached back to college,later successfully finished ma GD and gone to the new ladies hostel.

In hostel I met ma roomate Indu,who's very modern & stylish as compared to me.After sometime some other hostelmates also came and we all introduced ourselves.That night itself I understood ma roomate is a rank holder in her UG and also having a love affair.She was always busy with her mobile phone.So felt lonliness there in the room,so I started going to other rooms for chats.With very next day only I realized,that day me and dad gone to the wrong place that was the hostel of our senior guys.In that way,all my seniors got ma name and  I became the toy of ma seniors in the ragging period.

Within one month we all became very close,especially hostelmates.Day scholars were always day scholars,never include them with us..That was the policy followed by seniors too..So we also adopted the same.

There was a girl,meghna, who looks very beautiful and she was not roomate of mine,but then also I became very close to her caz of the same passion in classical dance.I can say she was close to all students in the college.Talkative and energetic all the time and too matured enough compared to others.She informed everyone that she was already engaged with a business man,Sharan,who is currently at Egypt.We all like..'' Wowwww,good selection dear''.Poured wished for her marriage.In a way,we all were happy,caz if the girl is engaged with some other guy,we all will get more options in college.So everybody passed the news asap.

One saturday,meghna got a parcel,she said it was from Italy.We all were happy for her.She will be there in hostel even if we gone to our home.She never said reasons behind it.Kept that in her mind and locked.May  she really wanna open everything any one of us..We all were curious about to know more about her,but she never open,she changed the topic if it related to her other than her studies.But I always give respect to her,even I donno what is the reason behind it,even now also.

Two years passed very fast,we all got MBA degree,and in the farewell party Meghna said she never try to keep any contact with anyone in the college once she gone out from college.We have't understand why did she say like that.No one didn't ask her too..

After one year,I got an invitation card for one of my friend remya;s wedding.I had attended the marriage and met all our friends except meghna.No one had contact with her.All have same answer:'No idea,No news about meghna'.She didn't reply to any of our mails,phone calls..Someone said'Just leave her that girl,why we are spoiling our time and money for the one who don want us,She is mischerious girl'.Later on we purposely avoided talking about her.,,,All became busy with their own life.

Five years later..I met ma ex-colleague in a flight journey to US.Inbetween our chats,he Aman,my colleague mentioned about a girl,named meghna.I asked more about her and motivated him to say more about her life.Aman described the story..Meghna was very happy when her dad was alive.For her dad's happiness,meghna had got married in her 20s with Sharon.She was happy with him.her brother also got married and settled in the meanwhile.After two months of her marriage,Sharon gone to Egypt for business meeting.unfortunately,He met with an accident there in Egypt and passed away on the way to hospital itself.Somehow her brother said the bad news to her,and meghna was not ready to accept the fact.When she had seen the dead body of Sharon,she didn't react, didn't cry,his relatives finished the funeral formalities.After two weeks also her condition was same.The fact was tuff to accept a girl like meghna.Poor girl!!later she gone to her house,her dad and mom somehow console her and tried to make her back to normal life.She is not lucky enough or may be God don't want her see her happiness,within one month her dad also passed away caz of heart attack.Again meghna gone to worse condition.She became abnormal and her mom realised meghna was pregnant.Unfortunately,She got miscarriage also.All these incidents changed her completely.She was under treatment for one year.Later her mom and brother compelled her to go for MBA,caz of that she gone for MBA.And meghna never said anything about the death of Sharon.Sharon was there in Egypt as per her belief.Recently meghna got married with guy,caz of the pressure from her mom and brother.That was the second of marriage of that Guy,he has a child also.But meghna was accepted proposal and got married with him and living in India.I was shocked after listening the story,not a story,it was the life of our meghna.We reached US and gave byes to each other.

I really wanna say about Meghna to ma friends,but something pulling me back all the time.I wanna say Meghna is bold otherwise she couldn't finish her MBA.She was keeping all her sorrows and tears and was acting like she was happy like others...I wanna say this real life of meghna to ma friend and wanna ask 'Whether our Meghna is really mischerious?'n want all of them pray a happy future life for Meghna.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

My love,why I love you so much!!!

I am loving you sweetheart caz I can be myself when I am with you.I am happy if I'm with you,else I feel, me in darkness.I can't stop myself from loving you,my heart always need your love,your innocence,childishness & care.I love the way you get angry whenever I'm late,yet wait for me as long as it takes.When you hold ma hands,I feel I'm safe and your love is the key that opens ma heart with happiness. love, I know ,you are truly loving me.I'm incomplete without you,dear.I love you are the one who makes happiness happen.You have given meaning to ma life.I love you caz you are the only one who can make me smile even in ma deepest sorrows.You can read my eyes & heart even in ma silence too.

You walked into ma life unexpectedly...You warm ma heart with all that you do & all that you say...
I'll tell you this...from the bottom of ma mean everything to are everything to are the light of ma life..I'll forever keep loving you..

You are in ma are in ma dreams...Feel ma love always beside you...Every moment of our togetherness is a memory forever..

You are my love & my life..nothing in the universe could replace our love...I thank you for the love we've..never forget me as I'll never forget you,my love...