Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The actress & danseuse Sobhana

Sobhana Chandrakumar was born to Anandam & Chandrakumar on 21st March 1966, 
at Trivandrum,Kerala,India.Sobhana has won the National Film Award for best actress.She won her first national award for her brilliant performance in Fazil's 'Manichithrathazhu'.She received her second national award for the movie 'Mitr',directed by Revathi.Sobhana has mainly acted in Malayalam,Tamil,Hindi,Telugu & Kannada films.

Govt.Of India honoured Sobhana with the 'Padma Shri' award for her contributions to Bharatanatyem & Cinema.She entered into malayalam film industry through the movie 'April 18' directed by Balachandra Menon.

She had done her dance training at Chidambaram Academy,Chennai.The legendary bharatanatyem dancer Chithra Viswesaran is the guru of Sobhana.Sobhana's skilled execution of dance movements and her extraordinary beauty had led many people to consider her as the most beautiful South Indian actress from 1980's through 1990's.

Sobhana successfully presented the entire RAMAYANA called 'Maya Ravan'.Sobhana is an extraordinarily talented bharatanatyem dancer & choreographer.She is known for her fine dedication of the classical art form,Bharatanatyem.She is ambitious & career oriented woman from South India.

Sobhana founded Kalarpana with the intention of committing herself  to the propagation of the classical arts.
She has performed in Kualampur before the King & the Queen of Malaysia.She had done dance tours in USA,Europe,Australia & South-east Asia.

We can see many of our old actress( those who all were acting as Heroine )later acted as Mom,grand mother.We all can accept those characters,but in her 50s also her audience never wanna see her being as a mom or grandmother in the movie.Audience still accepting her as a heroine.

From this video(from manichithrathazhu malayalam movie),we can understand her brilliant performance as a dancer & her talent as an actress..

Sobhana is unmarried and she recently adopted six months old baby girl named 'Anantha narayani'.

We can expect more talented & creative dance performances from Sobhana.

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