Sunday, 27 March 2011

One night in ladies hostel

One Friday evening,after reaching hostel room,me and my roomate Pooja gone to mess hall for taking our tea and snacks.We met some of our seniors there in the mess hall.They were talking in very low voice like whispering something...we both were eagerly looking at them for getting the news.Pooja said 'C'mon dear,will ask '.There was no other option for me.We asked about the matter,they gave detailed description about a board called 'OJHO Board' and saying,they spoke to good spirits with the help of OJHO board..I was shocked and excited also.

When we reached our room,we discussed the same with other hostel mates.All were excited to try it.But majority haven't the courage or boldness to try 'Ojho board'.At last me,sinitha and priya decided to do it.We found an empty room in the hostel and cleaned it and started calling good spirits with full of concentration.Pin drop silence....1,2,3,....nothing happened.It was around 12.30 at night.we tried calling spirits four - five times.But no results found.

We were disappointed and thought of going back to our own room.Suddenly Priya said: 'Hey I am sorry dear I forgot to remove my holy ring,that might be the reason'.I got angry on her,then also told her to keep the ring in her room.Within seconds,Priya kept it in her room and returned to the room, we started calling the good was like....'GOOD SPIRITS PLEASE COME,Good Spirits Please Come,good spirits please come'.'Good spirits is there?'.We couldn't imagine the glass was moving towards the alphabet 'Yes'.We all were shocked thought of stopping that experiment,but when we thought about our seniors words,we decided to ask questions to the good spirits.

Priya : 'Good spirit,can we know your name?',the glass moved towards 'S','U','R','E','S' & 'H'.We got the name was 'suresh'.

Me  : 'How come you die?' It gave an answer 'suicide'.Again I asked 'Are you nuts,why did you go for suicide?'His answer: 'Financial problems'.Sinitha was eagerly waiting for asking questions to the spirit.She asked: 'Can you tell me about our MBA final sem. results and some of our college mates had written their arrears,so how about their results would be?'It said all of us will pass for final sem but It clearly said Pooja will not pass her QT1 paper.We all were sad listening that news.Later me and Sini asked 2-3 questions,but it didn't reply.When priya asked the good spirits gave answers.In way we felt that the spirit and priya were lovers.Our question stock was over and we were scared to ask more questions also.

Sini's opinion was to send the spirits back.Me & Priya agreed and requested the spirit to go back.After sometime  priya asked ' spirit you gone '.No answer from good spirit, after only we got peace of mind.before also we had heard about some stories related the afftereffects if the spirits haven't gone back.So we three were worried about thinking the same.Fortunately everything went well.

We gone to our own room and tried to sleep but didn't get sleep & the memories haunted us like anything for some months.

Still now I really don't know whether it was fact or not....Till confused about the same...not even me my friend sini also...But donno know about priya....
Friends,you may have similar experiences.....share it.....

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